Make The Right Choice

Quality, Commercial Equipment for Professional Restaurant Owners and Chefs!


Restaurant Equipment Suppliers in Idaho

PKES (Professional Kitchen Equipment Solutions) is situated in North Idaho, USA and is a veteran, locally-owned business with the goal of helping your restaurant succeed.  We only deal with quality, made in the USA products and Brands so that our valued customers can save time and money.

We have been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. We are backed by the experience and knowledge of what it takes from the small food truck to the largest hotel kitchens - helping restaurant owners avoid wasting time with costly mistakes.  We are here to help!

Why Choose PKES (Professional Kitchen Equipment Solutions)

“Restaurant owners frequently try cheap internet deals on restaurant equipment which can leave them with damaged goods made of cheap materials from other countries. This can be expensive and time-consuming mistakes. My mission is to help people make the best quality choices for their restaurants, bars, concession trucks and clubs and get it to them quickly. I evaluate my clients' needs, pair them with the right tool for the job, and ensure trusted quality.

My equipment only comes from reputable manufacturers, which eliminates long shipping dates and expensive fees. If there is ever a problem, I am there to take care of it! I will deal directly with the manufacturer so you don’t have to!“ - Scott Johnston

What We Offer

We only sell quality commercial restaurant equipment in stainless steel, including dishwashers, ice machines, fridges, hoods, name brand models, and so much more. In addition, we also provide consultations, in order to answer your questions for your unique requests. We’re on your side to fight to get you the best choices in wholesale pricing, and take care of all shipping.

We are a patriotic, veteran-owned business who believes in small, local businesses and I help restaurants identify needs and eventually place orders from trusted manufacturers. We understand your needs and help you get your kitchen equipment with little hassle.